Welcome to Marine Exhausts Limited

Marine Exhausts is a New Zealand company that has been manufacturing wet exhaust mufflers and components to the highest quality since 1989.

Specialising in customising our components to give you the best solutions, we strive for continued excellence in all of our design and manufacturing processes.

Originally based on the North Shore, Marine Exhausts now operates just south east of Auckland.

Engineering Process

Our exhaust components are constructed of fibreglass reinforced polymer resin, which has a temperature rating as high as 170 degrees Celsius. The composite lay-up is engineered to withstand the highest temperature and the most corrosive environment (as found in a wet exhaust system). A fibreglass reinforced polymer resin exhaust system properly set up will out-last all other exhaust systems.

Exhaust Solutions

Durable, non-corrosive and provide outstanding noise reduction. Extensive range of standard water lift mufflers, inline silencers, water gas separators, pipes, bends and more.

One-off design specialists - we can manufacture any size and configuration to meet your specific requirements. We can advise on design and engineering set-up best suited to your individual requirements.


Marine Exhausts has exclusive survey approval to make components with this resin. Marine Exhausts has had components made of this resin extensively tested on the water to make sure they meet survey standards. The tests involved practical procedures with the results being in excess of what would normally be expected of the exhaust system when run dry to the stage of engine seizure.